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Posted by Maniates on May 23, 2002 at 17:16:01:

In Reply to: Re: Pampos -Learn something about your heritage posted by patriwths on May 23, 2002 at 10:38:51:

Patriwths-Your essentially stating the same thing as Coon.We are all on the same page .

The Hellenic element is Alpine -Dinaric types that originated in Northern Greece.This type is of average stature,usually brown hair and eyes,medium complexion,broad skulled,stocky and robust,long upper body trunk,relitively short powerful limbs ,thick neck with heavy body hair.I LIKE YOUR DEFINTION OF BASIC HELLENIC TYPE.-BRAVO!! Aris Poulianos refers to this type as the Eprioti type and like Coon he associates with Doric and northwestern Greeks.My family is mostly of this basic Hellenic stock.

As you stated correctly the basic Hellenic type dominates in Northern Greece ,is a majority element in the Peloponese esspecially Mani and parts of Laconia where the Dorians predominated.

The Pelegisian element is essentially mediteranian-generally shorter -lithe slim body ,sarker in pigmentation,narrow skulled and has softer more gracile features and lesser body hair.As you correctly stated it is the strongest element
in the Agean islands with the exception of Crete
which had strong Doric blood .The Sfakians who are direct decendents of the Dorians .This explains the ferocity of the Cretans.The Pelegisian element is a minority element in the Pelponose and very small in northern Greece.Poulianos refered to the Pelegisian or mediteranean element as the Agean types.

The Nordic element is an old Bronze Age Mycenean element that represented population movements from the Danube region .The Nordic element has been absorded by the more dominant Hellenic element but and manifests itself via some blondism in the Greek population.Nordics -tall ,slim .lean with light pigmentation,minimal body hair .Essentially a taller version of the mediteraneans in skelital terms but with darker pigmentation.

It is essential that Greeks learn their anthropological history inorder to set straight false claims by the following groups.

1. Afrocentrist-Mavro Athena BS that claims the original Greeks were black egyptians then became omgrulized with whites.

2.Nordicist -A branch of(not all of) white supremist who claim that the original Greeks were essentially Scandinavian types but then mixed with non white north african and middle eastern slaves.-Real Bullshit because the Greek slaves were overwhelmingly- Tracian and Sythian

Its about time that Greeks wake up and counter
this crap that is spreading all over the internet and saddy even accademia (Afrocentrism)

A true Hellene knows who his/her ancestors are and does not allow others to spread lies about who we are.

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