Re: evidence per Coon that physical similarity doesn't mean continuity as such in same people

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Posted by kosta on May 27, 2002 at 17:40:36:

In Reply to: Re: evidence per Coon that physical similarity doesn't mean continuity as such in same people posted by gertrude on May 27, 2002 at 15:42:16:

: erm per post before: "he didn't actually refute those claims. don't assume what you like only.

I said he was *trying* to refute those claims, not that he actually did (though his own argument still stands, even today, un-refuted).

: he just said in the end of the article that 'in his opinion' the greeks have continuity.

And I agree wholeheartedly.

: besides again and again since then most DNA testing reports (and not the few obscure unreliable strains tested) that i've read (from MEDICLINE which gives you access to over 2,500 science publication-but must be done from a library subscribed to service) have refuted them"

Refuted what? I've seen all kinds of genetic studies. Regarding Greeks, certain allels have been associated with Greek expansion. These allels today only show up in areas known to have been colonized by Greeks, with their highest concentration being in the Greek penninsula. Even various genetic diseases have been attributed to Greeks. It is interesting to note that the only place in the North of Italy where Thallassemia occurs is the region of Ferrara, which was once a Greek colony.

I'd really like to hear more about your genetic "studies." Mention the findings and specific allels from just one, including the scientists involved.

: just to clarify it for you' in his opinion' means there's no proof that the mixing didn't take place (resulting in the same similarities physically of course again).

"In his opinion" means, really, if there was a little mixing, it doesn't matter, because the same races inhabited both sides of the Aegean.

as the article stands
: all the 'empirical facts' you've been talking about just disappear. and considering this is by a very influential Western anthropologist who's findings on the greeks (well publicised as they were) were never taken on board by the rest of his colleagues goes to say something doesn't it? at school i was told there was a specific gap between ancient and modern greeks. and this is in a school in the West over 35 years after Coon's findings. i only find that in greece does no one dispute it. it's only what people want to hear unfortunately.

: face the facts for once mate!

I am facing the facts, dead on. Just because one's collegues don't accept his work, doesn't make his work bogus. People have agendas, often racist ones, and Coon's collegues were no different.

The reason Coon was so well respected by so many people was that he tried to be objective and let things speak for themselves. He made no wild speculation; he didn't bend the facts to suite his agenda; he merely presented information, told all the sides of the story, and *offered* an explaination that the reader can do what he very well pleased with.

That's the reason, years and years later, people still know about and refer to Coon, and nobody remembers any of his collegues.

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