Greek identity begins with the Illiad

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Posted by Maniates on May 29, 2002 at 16:48:57:

In Reply to: Re: Inocent Bystander posted by innocent bystander (maria) on May 29, 2002 at 15:56:25:

While it is true that AngloSaxons are on average lighter then Greeks(Plenty of Irish and Brits with dark hair and eyes )in terms of eye color and hair color Greeks are just as caucasian.Most Greeks are naturally very light skin on the unexposed skin surface but tan easier.Very few Greeks have natural olive brownish skin except for GYFTI types desquised as Greeks.A Greek can spot a GYFTI and know its not a Greek.

You must admit that compared to the Anglos few of us are actually white-(not the Greeks I know -they are white skined but generally tan easily) (although still a lot are as pale).

Also the so Called Brits like to think of themselves as pure nordic but the fact they are not pure nordic.Western parts of England,Wales,Scotland ect are strongly influenced by the MEDITERANEAN race.Any anthropologist will tell you that.Tom Jones is dark with an very curley hair.Cathrine Zeta Jones is mediteranean in phenotype.George Harrison
is no where near nordic.The Brits are a nordic /lesser mediteranean mix .The Greeks are a Alpine/Dinaric(pure HELLENIC) -Mediteranean mix (Minoan Pelagesian -pre Hellenic -smaller and physically inferior -I mean in terms of robustness-Atlantomeds the med strian in Greece is more robust though -with some small nordic strains.

The reason why Greeks in Australia suffer from this stereotype in my opinion is that they are afriad to confront the enemy.In the states when earlier generations of Greeks and Italians were confronted with such BS as in Australia (I use to like Aussies now after listening to this WOG stuff I am begining to hate their guts-but perhaps the Greek Aussies are to blame for not dealing with this strongly)they responded by breaking bones with bats.That how Alexander and Leonides would have responded.

But here is the problem with many modern Greeks in general-Not all .

1.They no jack shit about their history and origins.-Thats why they do not challenge the non white stuff.-Real Hellenic types like Kosta,Dinos,
Pat who know their origins unfortunately are a minority.

2.They associate Greekness with SPANAKOPITA and few cultural things and not Greek identity based on a 4000 yr history .GREEK IDENTITY BEGINS WITH THE ILLIAD-THAT IS THE HELLENIC BIBLE .Spankopita is insignificant.I feel more Greek when reading the ILLIAD not when eating souvalki.

3.The Greeks used to be a CONQUERING kick ass race having colonized the Mediteranean the Black Sea and ruled Egypt the Middle East-parts of central Asia and India but in recent yrs they have adopted a victim mentality -ohh lets sit back like little sheep and dwell on our suffering.Greeks used to be the conquerors not the victims. Greeks need to reawken the conquering mind set.

Unless Greeks address these 3 major defects they will continue to be viewed as you describe in Australia.

Greek Americans delt with the problem strongly early on and erradicated it .Of course today young Greek Americans are brainwashed by political correctness so they are develping the 3 major defects.

I do see sparks of the old Hellene sometimes in
Greeks so it is still there but needs to be reawakened.

There are tons of great Greeks today but a quite a few act like gyfti and feeble spoiled little brats that I feel embarrassed to be associated with those types.


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