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Welcome to our Greek Singles Web site, an online dating service for Greek Bachelors & Bachelorettes and other friends of Greece throughout the world. Simply add your Greek singles profile or search for other members' profile. It's absolutely FREE! Our Web site has a powerful feature that allows members to send anonymous emails without revealing their real email address! We highly recommend to write a detailed profile and also include your photo to get higher responses. For any questions or comments please contact the Webmaster.

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Based on recent surveys, 76 percent of singles who used online dating sites actually found romance, with nearly 60 percent saying that they formed long-term relationships initiated through online connections. More and more Greek singles are looking to the Web to find a date or start a relationship, and they are succeeding. Online dating is fun, relaxing and easy. Try it now for FREE!

Improve your online dating success
For many people, communicating for the first time with someone they havenít yet met can be stressful and confusing. Others may actually find online dating easier than meeting people in the traditional way. Whichever side you fall in, we hope that the following tips will help you find the right words, tone, and pulse to send the appropriate message to your online match.

Starting the conversation
If you are the first to initiate a communication, keep your message relatively short and simple, but always include an interesting fact about yourself to draw curiosity (and trigger a reply).
Example: Hi there! So we are both Greek island lovers Ė which is your favorite one? (Even if you havenít been to any islands recently, you can follow up with subsequent messages about your favorite vacation spots.)

Emails, closed-ended or open-ended?
The closed-ended email gives a hint to the other person that you are not interested and he/she should stop emailing you. You should end your closed-ended email with something like: Itís nice that you like the Greek isles. Take care.

The open-ended email should always end with a question. The open-ended email indicates you are interested in further communicating with the other person. Hereís an example: It sounds like you are quite a music lover Ė what types of music do you like to listen to? What is the last concert you went to?

Good timing is key
Similar to any human interaction, timing is key - but the rules of online communication are different. You do not need to wait five days to respond to an email, but you do need to wait more than five minutes. It's a good idea to vary your reply time, and be aware of how long he/she is taking to reply to you. An interesting note: replying to online messages on a Saturday night may not send a good message (and people, especially ladies do notice these things).

Typos and syntax
People have different standards for grammar and syntax in the online world. In the beginning, try to pay attention to the grammar and syntax of your messages (this way the other person knows you are proficient in writing a complete sentence). Itís not a bad idea to do a spell-check or spend a couple of minutes to proofread your message. After you have established a comfort level with each other, you can be more casual with your writing style and use lower case, slang words, and just establish a more laid back communication.

Very soon, you'll be flattering prospective matches with your engaging emails.

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