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Posted by Ourania on April 17, 2001 at 22:18:40:

In Reply to: Re: greek orthodox wedding posted by evelyn on April 17, 2001 at 08:54:38:

Dear Evelyn,

In no way was I attacking your personal beliefs or how religious you are. Since no one is 100% at orthodoxy except JESUS CRIST. Since this was a discussion board. And you were asking for advice, not everyone has the correct answer for you. It is for you to decide which info is suitable for your issue. BUT, honestly the person called KOUBARO who puts the ring on your head must be ORTHODOX. You can have witness stand by you who are not orthodox but they can not touch the rings in the ceremony. Once again, if you feel I am wrong I urge you to ask your preist. I appreciate your opinion. BEST WISHES Ourania

: Dear Ourania

: Thankyou for your response. Just some feedback for you........

: You have made some MAJOR assumptions about me and my values without even knowing me.

: Firstly, how do you know anything about my fertility status and whether I will/can actually have children?? Please do not make those assumptions about me or other women.

: Secondly, spiritual practice need not necessarily be an "all or nothing" thing - I take offence to your comments stating..." either you are orthodox and participate in all the sacriments or not". May I remind you that it is not your job to judge how worthy/unworthy I am in the eyes of God - that is God's role, let Him do his job as He is very good at it.

: Thirdly, in light of your comments "if the Koumbaro thing bothers you THAT much..." you obviously have missed my point entirely. The reason I posted my message is because I am in fact placing careful consideration in the actions I take for my life, rather than just blindly following what others say I SHOULD do. I was merely seeking some compasionate guidance from those who may have more information about orthodoxy than myself.

: Regards,
: Evelyn

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