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Posted by Maya on May 04, 2001 at 10:25:58:

In Reply to: Greeks on non-Greeks and non-Europeans posted by KC16 on May 04, 2001 at 02:09:43:

How very typical for Americans!Having no nationality of their own, they are looking for melting pots everywhere else.
Of cause every modern ethnicity was infueced by others this or that way- it does not mean that they lost their ethnic genofond.They are just next
stage of the development of the nation.You tell, modern jews are not of Middle Eastern-or better say-Mediterranian-origin.I'm jewish,my family lived hundreds of years in Poland and Russia-none of us looks like a Slav!In Canada people asked me if I'm a lebanese.More than that. Newest anthropological studies show that ancient and modern jewish men have the same very typical X-chromosome, which is not found in other people.
Ancient Greek developed into the modern one,because it was kept by Greek People, and
not by the strange mixture of god knows whom.
The same thing with iddish and ladino- they are basing on ancient language-Hebrew,in spite of comprising a lot of the words from surrounding languages.So do you like it or not, old nations
are very much alive and proud to be the next generation of their ancestors.
To my opinion Greeks are no more racist than any other people.It's just that the small nation has to protect it's roots,and it's not an easy task...

: I'm not really talking about Greek Americans or etc(being raised abroad , I suppose they are more open
: to different cultures and races and taught to respect others regardless of their ethnicity or nationality, although
: I guess the more 'traditional' ones may tend to be quite prejudiced ) .
: . but The Greeks of Greece seem to be more of 'racist'. I've come across many of these people.
: I am interested in Greek culture and the theory that the modern Greeks are actually a melting pot
: of different ethnicities draws me to it all the more as I myself am not a 100% Greek. The ancient
: Greeks, I believe, aren't the same as today's Greeks. They were like the Phoenticians or Babylonians or Ancient Egptians.
: Or ancient Jews. The Ancient Jewish race founded the Jewish religion, but most modern Jews aren't of the Jewish race,
: they are of European descent and not Middle Eastern. The Ancient Egyptians who constructed the pyramids are not the same
: as the modern Egyptians (who are Arabs, as a result of mixing around with other ethnicities, as in the ancient world
: there was no such thing as an Arab). It sounds highly unlikely that today's Greeks are still the same as the ancient Greeks.
: It is impossible that any ethnicity can remain 'pure' over hundreds of years of mixing with other ethnicities around
: them (Romans, Ancient Egyptians, Turks, Arabs, Anglo Saxons, Africans and blah blah blah). The thing is....why the Hell do Greeks see
: this as a BAD THING?!!!
: Is it because they find the idea of having non-European blood running in their veins disgusting or do they feel it makes them
: seem inferior to the Nordic ethnicities??
: If this is true then,it looks like the world is still stuck in ancient times.

: PS. Prejudice is only for the uneducated. I have an open mind. I do not discriminate. If u choose to discrimate
: then at least do it with an 'open mind'. I love the Greek culture, I've been to Greece, am 1/4 Greek and
: the closest person to me is a Greek. So there.

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