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Posted by Victor on July 16, 2001 at 17:33:48:

In Reply to: Re: Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted by Nikos on July 16, 2001 at 13:38:34:

I just wanted to come back to Elizabeth's comments: I agree that Greeks have different ethnic origins, but it doesn't mean that Greece is not a nation and that Greek people don't share the same culture. I think Greeks are very united, and most Greeks are very proud to be Greek. We have a right not to want people from different cultures to invade our country and to live by refusing to become Greek or share the Greek values and culture. With immigration the crime rate has skyrocketed, well actually the crime rate was zero before Albanian immigrants and others entered the country...Now the difference with Turkey is that Turkey has people not only from different ethnic bakgrounds but also people with different cultures and religions. We don't want that in Greece. Because we Greeks want to stay united and because we are very proud of our past and our history. We are very proud that we are the origin of western civilization. I don't think you are well acquainted with history by qualifying Greece as an Oriental country. And yes Greeks are better than Turks and a lot more special than Turks you like it or not. A Greek is worth more than a Turk,or an Albanian, and if my opinion bothers you because you know it is the truth, I don't care! When I think of all that happens in Cyprus, the way the Turks shooted at Greek civilians that were just demonstrating peacefully, and I hear you say that Greece is like Turkey, I am disgusted. The bottom line is that yes Turks are barbarians, most people in Greece or in Europe think that way. In Germany, Greeks don't have a problem being part of the society. But for some reason Germans hate Turks, guess why... Europeans will never let Turks invade the continent by becoming part of the EU.

And regarding the practices in Turkey read the article in my previous message. It happened yesterday. This doesn't happen in Greece, because Greeks are civilized people, they don't ask their nurses to prove that they are virgins. As a woman, I can't believe this doesn't even bother you. And you talk about animal rights, I talk about HUMAN rights, and they are far from being respected in Turkey. We might not want Albanians in Greece but we don't shoot at innocent civilians. We don't put children in prisons.
You compare me to Adolf Hitler but YOU are defending Turkey, the country that kills Greeks.

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