Re: Orthodoxy vs. Ancient Hellenic Religion?

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Posted by GS on July 19, 2001 at 04:05:08:

In Reply to: Re: Orthodoxy vs. Ancient Hellenic Religion? posted by Achilles on July 18, 2001 at 22:24:22:

Taking your points, my views are:

1. Christ is reffered as the King of Jews mainly from the Christians

2. New Testament has to do with the Jews, BUT also with Greeks, since large parts of it were written in Greek and were also addressed mainly to Greek people.

4. I don't think that anti-simitism is a specific proviledge of any religion (it tends to become for the Arabs, especially after the newly formed Islaeli state).

5. I must admit that I got confused between your message and Maya's and I'm sorry about that. However, I still think your remark about christianity was ironic and I think you've kept Maya's "priviledge of the Christians" as just another point against Christianity.

6.7. I said that "it could be taken down as an anti-simitic comment" and as you see Maya herself thought of it this way. In message boards like these it 's inevitable not to be able to express yourself 100% and that's what might have happened. I won't say that it was written down as an advice to you because you'll take it personally.

I still think that one of the things (one not the only) that you do not accept christianity is that it's judeic based. That's what i consider wrong. If it was only the "oppresion" and the way it was enforced in Greece as you say, you would not even have to mention about the actual origin of Christ. What if Christ was Greek, would you then be able to accept Christianity as a logical progression of the hellenic culture?

My main points towards what you say would be:

1. I do not agree that the Christian religion was "enforced" to Greeks the way you present it. Of course there were differences and cases of violence as well. Many Christians indeed destroyed some of the ancient temples etc, I accept that as a fact.
However, you can not compare this to the Turkish occupation as you refer to. The Turks were:
a) a foreign nation
b) invaded the Greek land with an army and military forces.
c) were the occupants of Greece and its opressors

That is not the case with the Christians because:
a) the Christians were Greek themselves
b) They did not invade Greece
c) They were not occupying any land and opressing its inhabitants, since they were the inhabitants themselves.

In that sence it is difficult to find any positive influences form the Turkish occupation years, since they were an oppressive military regime, trying to covert these lands as their own . As a nation Turkey might indeed have some things to offer, yes, but not in the form they tried to enforce them by occupying lands.
As far as the Arabic culture of course it has positives and I believe the interexchange of ideas between Greeks and Arabs were a lot better since there wasn't any major war and occupation between them.

Your point about the plants etc, I think I made my point and I believe most of the people will agree with me, you presented only the destructive point of view of a new form, but i think that there might be negative but many positive things as well (and that's exactly what happened with Christianity in Greece in my opinion).

Lastly I found your statements about Alexander the Great: "Survival of the fittest" very inaccurate.
Now with statements like that you unfortunately will expect people to try and say that you have maybe even neo-nazi ideas since that frase was the basis of all Hitler's empire.
My opinion on this is that there should not be only strong that survive, since the right to survive is equal to any human. That is one of the positive points of christianity as well. It is true that in practise sometimes that was not the case, but in general that was one of the main points of christianity that i like. However, I myslef do not agree 100% with the forms of christianity as well, and I believe that in the modern world any form of religion seems to be out-of-date.

Finally, if we take into account your saying, "survival of the fittest", then maybe we can assume that that's exactly what happened in the case of the Christians. ie, with your sayings, the Christians proved to be fitter so they survived and "prevailed" in Greece, so I don't think you should have any problem with that since that was a natural course of evolution.

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