Can I understand?

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Posted by Marco on November 27, 2001 at 09:22:03:

Hi I am Italian and I happened to read this message board.
I have seen some messages that for me need an explanation.
You call the rest of Europe the "western countries" like Greece was not Europe or West, as you well know Greece is the matrix of Western culture in any field.For example What is the ideal of western (aka caucasian) beauty?An hellenic statue!
I also don't understand your calling Europe(like you were out of it) a bunch of German or Slavic people not able to live together! What about Italians, Spanish, Portuguese! Are we germanic or slavic? Don't think so!
We are latin, mediterranean, we all have black hair and olive skin(f.e. many people abroad think I am arab or north african, but I am just an average Italian)
Modern Greeks (beside some slavic infiltrations) are of pure mediterranean stock, not very far as look and as culture from Italians or Spanish, I'd like to underline that! Of course I understand your pride due to your history and your being greek, but this is something that affects any people that come from amazingly beautyful country like all of us (Greeks,Italians, Spanish).
One other question, I never met many greeks in Italy as tourists(unlike spanish or portuguese that pour in millions together with north european to our shores).
I know,instead, many Italians that go to greek islands to have fun notwithstanding we have wonderful beaches(see Sardinia or many other) and as wonderful weather as Greece.

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