Inocent Bystander

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Posted by Maniates on May 29, 2002 at 13:59:02:

I did not mean to insult Greek Australians

Innocent bystander- I am a Greek American and I confess I still do not know what a wog is.That term is not used in the states.To be honest I had never heard the notion that Greeks and Italians were portrayed as non white untill I read some nordicist propaganda on the net.Sure at the turn of the century All non Anglo Saxon EUROPEAN immigrants to the states were labeled non white including the Irish.However these groups quickly assimulated into mainstream white middle class American life. Even white supremist groups in the states seek to appeal to Greeks, Italians ,Slavs ect except for those with a nordicist agenda.Ever hear the story about why John Lincon Rockwell founder of the American Nazi Party was assasinated?

That WOG web site you posted was intresting since it refered to Greeks,Italians and Serbs as WOGS despite the fact that all of these people are undoubtably Europid caucasians.

I guess living in the states where Greek Americans both racially, culturally and politically are identified with white America (as are Italian and Slavic Americans)I found it hard to beleive that Aussies were all that different from Yanks.

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