Re: Why do so many intercultural relationships end??

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Posted by AnotherStat on November 05, 2000 at 22:20:19:

In Reply to: Re: Why do so many intercultural relationships end?? posted by Natalie on November 05, 2000 at 16:02:16:

: I wish I had the answer. I am Greek/Cypriot and my former husband's family comes from Greece. I wasn't good enough for him or his family.

: : I have been reading the messageboard and found out that alot of relationsships of foreign women with Greek men are either full of problems or they end after a while. I consider myself lucky because I have been married for some years with my Greek husband.
: : Is it because the women have little interest for the language/culture or does it have to do with family. I have some friends who had relationships with Greek men but most of them were "dropped" because the family did not like a nongreek or the men foresaw to many problems in the future.....
: : Pleas can I have your view on this?

I worked at learning the language, I studied the culture, the Greek Orthodox religion. I adapted to the differences of female/male social status, I infiltered every aspect of his values and priorites into my life, due to my Love for him.
In spite of the differences, and unconditionally...I, and my family accepted him.
What was the demise of us, was his family...or rather I should say, his lack of ability to stand up for his wants and desires, compared to his families disapproval/disownment. Maybe you can answer me a question?...what happened to unconditional Love? What happened to Loving your children In Spite of?...What happens in Greek parenting...Brain washing?...Why are Greeks brought up to believe they owe there very lives to their parents for their existence on earth?...GOD and only GOD is responsible for our existence...and as parents we are responsible for nurturing and loving...and teaching our children morals and standards...and watching them grow into the unique, separate individuals that GOD intended them to be!!!...THANK GOD...he allows us Free Will...and LOVES us...for all of our differences...IN SPITE OF..and without conditions...Alot of Greek parents...could take a lesson from their religion..rather then spending so many holy days....worshiping icons....worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is...and find out what Perfect Love is!!!

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