Re: Orthodoxy vs. Ancient Hellenic Religion?

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Posted by Achilles on July 18, 2001 at 07:38:45:

In Reply to: Re: Orthodoxy vs. Ancient Hellenic Religion? posted by GS on July 18, 2001 at 02:59:07:

: I think Achileas you got the wrong impression about the way anti-simitism was mentioned.

 How did I get the wrong impression? Maya’s statement was very straightforward.

: Of course Christians are NOT anti-simitic as a genneral principle. Now if some individual people that are Christians are anti-simitic that's down to them and it's their choice(a stupid one if you ask me), but in no way the Christian religion is anti-simitic.

 I never said the religion was Anti-Semitic. I merely pointed out Maya’s false assumption.

: On the other hand Achilleas, by saying:
: "Think about it…Jesus Christ is referred to as the king of the Jews not the king of the Greeks. The foreign traditions which have been mostly forced upon the modern Greeks are Judaic based. The prophets are Jews, the bible is Jewish, the Old and New Testament is Jewish."

: You 're basically stating that the Greeks should not be Christians because Christ was of Jewish origin.

 Why would you make this assumption? Could you assume instead that I was pointing out the cultural importance of maintaining one’s ancestral heritage?

That is wrong and could be taken down as an antisimitic comment.

 Define Anti-Semitism please?
 Where is there any indication that I conveyed hostility towards the Jewish people?
 Would you say that I am Anti-Turkish or Anti-Islamic if I were to point out some of the obvious Arabic and Turkish influences in parts of Greece?

 References:

 You obviously are taking the meaning out of context
The argument is one of ancestral lineage. Had I used the analogy of an exotic plant or animal lifeform exported to a foreign nation and the dangers of disrupting the natural ecosystem…How would you have responded? Why should distinct human cultures be any different? Try looking at it this way…a foreign entity invades the natural habitat of a local wildlife. How long before a potentially serious disruption occurs within the environment?
It is vital to protect the native people and traditions of world cultures, which are liable to the dangers of extinction and the habitats thereof. This is a sign of our modern times. Archeologists and scientists of various disciplines are scurrying to preserve primitive cultures that have been interrupted by industry, globalization and society in general. The Kalas tribe in Pakistan is a perfect example: (see below)

What if Christ was black or Chinese or whatever, this should not bias our opinion at all.

Mystery of the 10 lost tribes of Israel and the significant importance in Judaic history. The tribes have been located in various regions of the East and the descendents of the children of Israel have been gradually brought back to their homeland on a campaign which the Israeli government is funding.


By the same token the Kalas of Pakistan who are believed to be the descendants of Alexander the Great’s troops have a similar historical importance to us Greeks as the 10 missing Tribes of Israel do to the Jewish people. The importance of reconnecting with our “Hellenic” heritage that is native to our ancient traditions is essential.


Christians do not worship Christ himself as a person, they follow christianity as a theory and practice and the corresponding values and way of life. I'm not a religious freak or whatever, but lets put some things straight here.

 I agree lets put some things straight here…


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