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Posted by AncientGreek on April 30, 2002 at 08:49:20:

I agree with Panos, Christianity has definitely encouraged the spread of ignorance in Greece or what used to be the Byzantine Empire. Not until the 18th century, was the Ancient Greek science and philosophy looked at and analyzed by northern European countries. Greece could have been a thousand years ahead from the rest of Europe if it wasn’t for these centuries of obscurantism where Christianity was the only truth. Countries in northern Europe looked at our writings, then put in question their old Christian principles and evolved. But we preferred to give the power and trust to our monks. That is why Greece has been raped so many times.
Cristina, you say that it is thanks to the priests that Hellenism was kept. I think it is also thanks to them that Greece became so weak, and that we were invaded so many times and occupied by Turks for 400 years!! Had Greece been a little bit more sophisticated like it used to be, we would have had the means to create and spread a Greek Empire, create a strong army, and protect ourselves from these animals. Hellenism has nothing to do with Christianity. Christianity is a Jewish - not a Greek invention.
Cristina you talk about finding the light. I am happy you found it in a book that says that the world was created in seven days, that humanity is 10,000 years old, in a book that says we come from Adam and Eve. Great for you, if you think that’s the truth and if now you can change your life and your thinking for such a book. Great. It would take me a lot more than that to change my life, and become “a living sacrifice” to the monks and priests.
The Ancient Greeks were so evolved, they understood the value of sports, they invented democracy, they had so many philosophers, historians, scientists, they had public theaters, stadiums, a sophisticated army. We still have so much to learn from them, their lifestyle and their philosophers. However some Greeks like Cristina would rather believe in fairytales, that the first men on this planet lived in the Garden of Eden, … all that nonsense. Instead of trying to learn from our ancestors. Yes I agree with Panos, Greeks have become dumb. And still today some of them mix Hellenism with Christianity. It’s sad that only foreign countries can appreciate and learn from our past civilization. Go wonder why French and British museums possess so much of our history.

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