interracial dating???

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Posted by ronnie on October 28, 2000 at 04:23:55:

this is my first posting...i was curious if anyone would be willing to share any experiences they've had with interracial dating/marriage. I'm first generation greek-american and in a serious relationship with my boyfriend, who is Jamaican. As most of you could imagine, my parents, who immigrated to the US in the late 70s, are not going to take the news well, when i finally tell them about the relationship. I've been raised with a very stong Greek background (go to church, speak the language fluently, all my relatives are still over in greece). as far as my parents go, they don't think i should serious date any boys until i'm out of college...
i'm basically scared to death....I know i can't be the only one out there. I've tried to doing some research in the library and on the web to read about first generational experiences for Greek-American women (dealing with experiences on growing up, dating, marriage in America)...not much success. I figured this was my best chance.
I'd also just like to see some feedback from the strict your parents have been about dating (in general)? have all of you had the experience of sneaking around behind there backs? have your parents made any progress in adapting to american culture...
no get me wrong...i'm not saying parents should "convert" to "American." I'm very VERY proud of my greek heritage and plan to keep it going strong as best as i can. what i mean have your parents understood that you don't live in Greece, and neither do both live in the US now, and things here and not like they are or were in Greece.

Any input/suggestions/advice/feedback/questions would be VERY much appreciated.

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