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Posted by Married To a GREEK guy on January 24, 2001 at 10:28:00:

In Reply to: Does a Non-Greek Girl Have a Chance?! posted by Xenni on January 23, 2001 at 22:43:44:

: This is an easy one......yeah, right.

: The love of my life is Greek. I am Catholic. Despite my "flexibility" with this issue and our love for each other, it feels as though there is a guilty undertow to our growing relationship.

: I love this man with all my heart and it makes me sad that THAT doesn't mean as much as my being a non-Greek. This is the ONE thing that I can neither help nor change....if I ever attend Church with him, should I wear a bag over my blonde hair and blue eyes?!

: After reading a lot of these posts, I'm not feeling too hopeful.

: Thanks for any words of wisdom!

Your man has the mind to stand up for who he loves. My husband is Greek and his family is VERY greek!! He just said that was there problem and that they better learn to accept me for me or he wouldn't be seeing much of them. We did everything NON-Traditional!! Much to the dismay of his family!! We lived together and had 2 beautiful children before we even got married. They were 3 & 2 when we did. They do not have greek first names But we used them as second names. They have names we liked NOT names that were after his parents. This wasn't out of disrespect But they have to come to realize this is not greece. Things don't always go the "OLD" ways. This was good cuz my husband's sister Married a greek and neither of them followed tradition either for naming the children all because we stood up to the parents. I have Blonde hair and blue eyes too!! I am not Catholic I am Anglican. Neither of us go to church nor are our children baptised. We dedcided that it would be our kids decission on what religion they wanted. The parents don't agree with alot of things we do But we are not of the old school of thought. There are alot of other things we don't do because they are to old fashioned and old thinking. When we ask them about somethings they can not give us a good answer...."only that's the way it is done"..... That's fine for them cause that's the way they were brought up in greece. But we are not in greece and times change!! My in-laws can be difficult at times But they've come to understand that the way we are.
I'll tell you one thing ...when ever we go to a greek wedding ir some other function...everyone is usually wearing black or someother dark color. I don't because black isn't the best color on me. I wear what looks good on me and hold my head up and ignore the looks!! They are the ones with the problem not you or me!! Good Luck

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