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Posted by Byzantian on April 06, 2002 at 10:17:01:

It seems there are over 18,000 Greeks living abroad, "self-exiled," who are being denied the ability to return to Greece, even simply to visit family, even in a crisis, or for professional reasons, because they have not been able (or allowed) to fulfill their military obligations yet ---

--Because *they have NOT been allowed the option, which *HAS been given to some, to break up that military service into parts, or periods of months, ---- an option which would enable them to keep the professional positions they've worked long and hard to obtain, and make the time apart much easier for their families, if they've settled abroad.

Greek military law discriminates - in 1997 it was decided that those over 30 could have the option to break up service -

Every 5 yrs. the law is reviewed-- and legislation is being considered THIS MONTH which so far will *NOT allow the same option to those who've been anxiously awaiting it, depending upon it for familial and professional reasons.

They're *ONLY looking for the same consideration given to others --- In many cases this has a *HUGE impact professionally and with regard to family ---

*SEE "" (or ""), their Official Website.

-there is an English page available (for people like me...) - for more info and links

*Please take a moment to send a brief letter/email to:



Ministry of National Defence

Mesogion 151

GRó15500 Holargos



--AND/OR Email---

Minister of National Defence

Deputy Minister of National Defence

National Defence Minister's Staff

Please, include your full name and postal address in your e-mail.

You may use either the Greek or English language.

The above is taken from: --- Homepage, Ministry National Defense, Greece -- Core Page in English

Thank you for your time!!!

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