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Posted by Victor on July 16, 2001 at 08:45:25:

In Reply to: Re: Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted by Elizabeth on July 16, 2001 at 03:37:56:


first of all, you have to understand that Greece is a nation, and that Greeks are proud to be Greek. It might be difficult to understand for somebody who is not Greek, but we Greeks are all part of a nation, and we share a culture and the same origins. We have a right to protect our culture and our borders. Greece has been invaded by hundreds of thousands of barbarians from Albania, and we as a nation had a right to protect ourselves from this invasion. Turkey is not a nation the way Greece is, Turks are not as united as Greeks are. If Turkey has people from so many different countries and of so many religions, it doesn't mean that they are more inclined into protecting human rights. To me it just means that Turkey has not a strong culture and that people in Turkey are already so poor that it doesn't make a difference to them if hundreds of thousands of Albanians come settle. Greece has been invaded by barbarians in the past. The Turks for example stole our lands and some of our islands in the Aegean. Greece has lost so much territory that today it has to be careful because a lot of people envy our lands and our way of living.
Second of all Elizabeth, Europe is a Greek word, and the whole western culture comes from Greece (architecture, philosophy, etc..). You should reopen your history books. We don't treat women like people do in Turkey or in Kuwait. We have a very westernized way of life and people from Europe or from America that come to Greece feel perfectly at home, not like when they go to places like Turkey where it smells like hell.
And about all the crap about Orthodoxy, Greeks are not fanatics. They are very attached to their culture but they don't go kill somebody because he doesn;t have the same religion, because she doesn't wear a veil or because she wasn't circumsized.
And finally never compare Greece to Turkey or Kuwait, please, never do that.

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