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Posted by Spino on September 02, 2001 at 02:03:45:

In Reply to: Re: black girl moving to Greece posted by Nikos on August 29, 2001 at 23:33:28:

Nikos, your reasoning is positively tragic (as well as the ethnic situation on your island). What island are you from anyway?

Her fiance told her Greeks are very open and tolerant. Perhaps to new ideas but not to vastly different ethnicities, especially Africans (an attitude quite commonplace outside the U.S., Canada and certain parts of Europe). If Greeks were so enamored with other ethnicities then they wouldn't be so incensed about the horrendous immigration situation now would they? I don't see many open arms to welcome the countless Kurdish and Pakistani immigrants? But I digress...

This woman's fiance is either incredibly optimistic or is utterly clueless about human nature. Of course being the ONLY non-Greek girl on an island will get her lots attention. Another African woman on this forum already posted about the ease in which she made friends with Greek men, as well as the incredible difficulty she had making friends with Greek women. That is because Greek women saw her as a threat (biologically and culturally) and didn't appreciate the attention she received from Greek men who were probably looking for nothing more than an exotic sexual encounter with an African woman (please spare me an attack on this statement, living in the U.S. I've seen more shallow 'romances' between people of different races than I'd care to count. And statistically speaking, interracial relationships have the highest failure rates). Unlike America, where tradition and 'community' have gone the way of the dinosaurs, in Greece such things still exist, die hard, and rest squarely upon the shoulders of Greek women. If the women of the community don't accept her then how do you expect her to exist outside the boundaries of her fiance's family?

It is very likely that this marriage will move her from the definition of an uncommon visitor (and possibly a welcome one) to an unwelcome addition to the community, it is simply human nature. She is sure to make some friends but life will not be easy. Especially if she and her fiance decide to have children. They're much better off moving to Athens, or better yet, back here to the U.S.. However, even with the growing acceptance of miscegeny here in the U.S., it is still not the multi-ethnic paradise optimists would have you believe (and will probably never be).

: Don't worry there are many different ethnic groups and races in Greece. I am from a small island, and there a few black people there. (For the population of my island, this few is many when you look at other parts of Greece.) They are very popular. Especially the black guys with the Greek girls. There are many blacks from Africa now in Greece, who speak and express themselves more Greek than some of us diaspora Greeks. You should think of it this way, if you are the only black person in your fiances village/neighborhood, you will probably be very popular, especially since your fiance and his family accept you. Take a look at that actress from Kenya (I think) who is very popular in Greece. Remember alot of the stereotypes about people of color that exist in America, do not exist in Greece. Greeks are probably more racist towards Albanians or Turks, then black people. Good luck and I hope you truly enjoy Greece.

: Nikos

: : Hi
: : I am gonna reach my sweetheart that is greek in Larissa this October, we are planning to marry soon.
: : I am a bit worried though, Greece is a totally white country and I am gonna be feeling like an alien there. My fiancee ensured me that greeks are very open and tolerant, I'd like to get your opinion, any similar cases?
: : Thanks
: : A worried girl!

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