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Posted by Victor on May 09, 2002 at 08:44:45:

In Reply to: Re: Classical Greece and the Truth about the Modern!! posted by Eleni on May 09, 2002 at 04:46:08:

all this shows how Greece was odiously invaded, betrayed, and abused by foreign nations!!!!!!!! The Orthodox Church took part in that abuse and betrayal, and should be reformed today, to be made purely Greek. The patriarch should be moved from Istanbul to Athens. Our Church should be Greek only and shouldn't have any relationships with the slavic churches of the retarded Eastern European countries. Ancient Greek religion , values, and teachings should also be introduced in our country, and made as, if not, more important than the semitic values taught by the church who odiously betrayed us in the past.
Eleni you underestimate Greek people's rage. If Turkey repeats its aggression, believe me that we will fight till our last drop of blood. Believe me that everyday I wish this could happen so I could avenge my ancestors and my nation, and show the Turk and the Muslim he shouldn't step on our land.

: : Oi Jew FUCK OFF! Marseltoff

: : : It sadened me greatly to witness an interesting and informative post deleted from this board because it contravened popular beliefs of the othordox dogma.It was titled 'Greek Blood you are Not'.
: : : Well let me present my version of the events addressed in that piece of work.The Austrian Hellenist of the 1830s refered to was Falmerayer and his statement was that "NOT ONE DROP OF PURE GREEK BLOOD RUNS IN THE VEINS OF MODERN GREEKS AS THEY ARE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT RACE".This arguement can indeed be debated extenously but there are logical points on both sides of the fence.Having said that we must also acknowlede that the majority of academics do infact agree with Falmerayer but nothing has been proven conclusively.
: : : Maybe in future if scientific advances are such we may be able to extract DNA like substance fron ancient bones to finally put an end to this speculation.Either way it should make NO DIFFERENCE what so ever because that Greek Culture has LIVED ON despite 2000 years of constant turmoil.In my personal view being of a particular culture is a lot more than just simple blood lines or religion for that matter as i and many others who are not of that religious belief(orthodox) can attest to.In my case my parents being from the Ionian Islands are Catholic and i myself Atheist .
: : : The other arguement was wether Orthodox=Greek.That notion is well and truly obsurd bordering on the utterly obscene. Greece being under Ottoman Rule Missed out on experiencing CRITICAL EVENTS in European history such as the Renaissance,Reformation,Counter Reformation,17th Century Scientific Revolution,18th Century Enlightenment,the French and Industrial Revolution all PASSED GREECE by thus leaving her people totally ignorant of the world and in a PROVERBIAL TIME WARP.The Turks did this purposely as the last thing they wanted was the Classical past interfering with their taxes and political power base.The Turks were not at all interested in coverting the people to Islam for that would mean that they would pay less taxes and every 10th child would be exempt from serving in the military.Nor were the Turks interested in spreading the Turkish language as this can be evidenced in ALL the other Ottomam controlled areas where the mother tongue of the peoples survived.
: : : The Turks instead used the Othodox Church(WHO WERE UNABASHED IN THEIR SUPPORT OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE) as their weopon in controlling the masses and keeping the staus quo.
: : : Greece finally gained her independence ONLY when it was decided by the Russian French and British alliance that the Ottoman Empire had to Go for their own political gain.The orthodox church infact willingly transpired with the Ottomans during the siege of Constantinople due to a promise by the Ottomans to allow them to sustain their power base rather than pledge alegiance to the Pope which the Emperor eventually did although probably under duress.
: : : In fairness to the othodox they still had bad memories of the Latin sacking of Constantinople by the Venetians some 200 years earlier.
: : : Therefore i will let the reader decide for themselves are they the saviours of Greek identity and culture or merely oportunists who gladly led their people into 400years of Islamic occupation in order to maintain their power base.

: What you state in most part may be historically correct but i feel that if you looked at the catholic church or any other you would find many scandals in their past but as you are an atheist you appear to have grasped a fair account of both sides and yes I CERTAINLY AGREE that it does not matter at all anyway as the greek culture lives on 2000 years on.
: P.S-Ignore Nikolas as he is still trying to prove his manhood yet is still a mere is funny that the previous post greek blood you are not was deleted and nickos is allowed to spew his vile garbage on this an earlier post he was telling us all how he would kill turks.POOR LITTLLE BOY.LIVING IN A FANTASY LAND.

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