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Posted by kosta on May 24, 2002 at 05:12:21:

I've been reading about the various Greek races, as a hobby of sorts. It's really quite fascinating, and since you guys are on the subject, I'll say a word or two.

I agree, for the most part, about what was said about Mediterraneans and Alpines, but I have my own theories about the Dorians.

The Dorians, I believe, came from the Dinaric Alps. They didn't just "move down" one day. What likely occured was the gradual expansion of population as a result of favorable living conditions. This happens all the time.

And they weren't Nordic; they were big, Upper-Paleolithic Dinarics--the same race as modern Albanian Ghegs and Montenegrans. People like this are tall; often, but not always, broad; and of medium complexion overall. Their heads have a characteristic form: broad on top but narrowing in the lower face--like an upside-down triangle--and with a flat spot on the back. The hair is often dark and the nose big and convex.

Many of you Greeks probably recognize this description, as some groups of Greeks still look like this. Wherever Spartans were known to have settled, you find this Dinaric type present in significant numbers.

The Sphakiotes, a group believed to be the purest Doric representatives, are this type to a T. They, in fact, are very similar to Montenegrans in manner and custom: playing the lyra, prone to blood feuds, and generally preferring an isolated existence. Anthropologists like Coon have noted this more-than-coincidental similarity.

Just my two cents.

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